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How it works

Our three step process to joining.

Online Application

Complete a 10-15 minute application covering your background, goals, and experience.

Fit Interview

A short IM interview to assess your fit for our program, after which we'll send you a customized program plan based on your goals.

Accept & Start

If accepted, we'll send you an offer. Select a payment plan, or choose from one of our many financing options.

Featured Hiring Partners

Our hiring partners range from early-stage to later-stage startups.


Dharma is a generic, permissionless protocol for issuing, underwriting, and administering debt instruments.


Blockstack is a new digital ecosystem that users, not big Internet companies, control and users can move seamlessly.


The Hydrogen Atom platform has powerful modules built for fintech powered by light, modular, global REST APIs.


Zeppelin builds key infrastructure to develop and operate smart contract systems and conducts security audits.


The world’s largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles. Buy, sell, and discover new assets.

Terminal is a blockchain focused startup currently in stealth-mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bridge a Coding Bootcamp?

No. Our program is built for experienced developers, looking to gain new skills and uplevel their careers.

How long does the program last?

Our default part-time program lasts for 3 months, 10-15hrs per week. The full-time program lasts for twelve weeks and is a 50-60hrs per week commitment.

Why is there a deposit required?

Once you are accepted we ask for a $100 USD deposit to secure your spot. Your deposit will be refunded after you complete the first program phase.

How much do I pay in total?

You will never pay more than the total $19,000 USD cap. Payments are made month by month as a % of your salary, only if you are making above a certain amount.

Can I see an example ISA?

Yes, you can see a template we use here. ISAs are not a loan so they have no interest and are paid back over time.

How do I know if i'm qualified to join?

Please read the specific track requirements before applying. Most candidates have at least 2+ years of programming experience w/ general web or mobile development.

Can I enroll from anywhere?

As long as you have a reliable internet connection to join in on weekly office hours calls with your mentor.

Can I participate while employed?

Sure! Many of our applicants manage to balance full-time jobs as well as our program.

I’d like to start my own company. Should I apply?

It depends, but if your primary interest is starting a company, you should apply to Y Combinator.

How many Bridge applicants come from outside the U.S?

Over 80% of Bridge applicants come from outside the U.S. We strongly encourage International applicants to apply.

Our Mentors

Ramon Recuero

Ramon Recuero
Maker. Product Lead at @ZeppelinOrg. Previously at @ycombinator, @zynga

Preston Van Loon

Preston Van Loon
@prylabs #BUIDL @Ethereum 2.0. Formerly: @Google. scale or die

Prabhaav Bhardwaj

Prabhaav Bhardwaj
Co-founder/CEO of Stealthy, a fully decentralized & encrypted P2P chat & video app.

Jaynti Kanani

Jaynti Kanani
Bringing massive scale to Ethereum as Co-founder & CEO @maticnetwork

Doris Schioberg

Doris Schioberg
VP of Engineering @Cruzeo_io, Founder of Mooqita, lecturer at UC Berkeley.

Kartik Mandaville

Kartik Mandaville
Founder @ SpringRole, Ex CTO @ Science, Advising Science, Burst

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