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Blockchain (Career Track).

Part-time: 10-15hrs /week.

Your bridge into a Silicon-valley tech career working remotely as a Blockchain Developer, dApp Developer + more.
Learn: Smart Contracts & dApp development + more alongside top industry mentors.
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Online - anywhere in the world. The majority of the program can be taken asynchonously with office hours being one of the main synchronous components.


1. $500 up-front deposit + $19,000 maximum repayment via our deffered fee agreement. See our FAQ for details.

2. $9,500 up-front.

Optional: Build Challenge (4 weeks)

In order to participate in one of the Bridge programs, you first need to either a) demonstrate basic competence in the required track skills through a previous project or b) join our monthly build challenge.

Phase 1 (Weeks 1-8): Project Phase & Personal Mentorship

For this phase you'll be matched with a personal mentor who will provide you feedback on your project. The project will map to the new skills you've acquired and would like to take to the next level.

Phase 2 (Weeks 8-12): Interview Prep & Interviews

During this phase you'll run practice interviews and challenges and get feedback. You'll also be connected with companies to interview with based on your target job title. You may repeat this phase as much as you need to before receiving offers.

Optional: Onboarding Bootcamp

Some employers may opt to have you enter a special on-boarding bootcamp where you will learn the specifics of your new employer's tech stack from top to bottom so you can hit the ground running. This phase is optional and is required by some employers and not others.

Optional: Post-Grad Apprenticeship

We also offer an optional 3-9 month long paid apprenticeship program through one of our network of hiring partners. Apprenticeships pay cost-of-living stipends and can be a good bridge into your new career.

  • - 1:1 Mentorship from leading industry experts
  • - Private TA + Discussion Forum Access
  • - Lifetime Curriculum Access
  • - Resume Review + Professional Headshots
  • - Access to Alumni Network of Jobs

Joining Bridge

Our three step process to joining.

Choose your path

Select your area of focus from our different techology-focused courses & career tracks. Some are focused on specific tools, some on broad new areas of technology.

Kickoff your journey

Once you join a track, you'll gain access to our community forum, chat and knowledge portal to ask questions and receive project feedback from peers.

Learn. Build. Earn. Repeat.

As a member of the Bridge community you'll continue have access to benefits including: sponsored build-challenges, new courses and our career portal.

Featured Technology Partners

Our technology partners provide training materials, beta developer tools and access to real problems & projects.


Dharma is a generic, permissionless protocol for issuing, underwriting, and administering debt instruments.


Blockstack is a new digital ecosystem that users, not big Internet companies, control and users can move seamlessly in.


The Hydrogen Atom platform has powerful modules built for fintech powered by light, modular, global REST APIs.

Interested in becoming a technology partner?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bridge a Coding Bootcamp?

No. Our program is built for experienced developers, looking to gain new skills and uplevel their careers.

How long do Bridge programs last?

Many of our programs can be completed in one month, while others take 2-3 months.

Why is there a deposit required?

Once you are accepted we ask for a deposit to secure your spot. Your deposit is refunded after you complete the program.

How do scholarships work?

Scholarships are given out according to need and sponsored from our community of benefactors. Please see scholarship fund link here for details.

How do I know if i'm qualified?

Please read the specific track requirements before joining. Applicants come from all different levels of programming experience.

Can I enroll from anywhere?

Yes! As long as you have a reliable internet connection and are able to dedicate the required time for your program.

Can I participate while employed?

Sure! Many of our applicants manage to balance full-time jobs as well as our program.

How many applicants are outside the U.S?

Over 2/3 of Bridge learners come from outside the U.S. In fact, we strongly encourage International applicants to apply.

Our Mentors

Ramon Recuero

Ramon Recuero
Maker. Product Lead at @ZeppelinOrg, Previously: @ycombinator

Preston Van Loon

Preston Van Loon
@prylabs #BUIDL @Ethereum 2.0. Formerly: @Google. scale or die

Prabhaav Bhardwaj

Prabhaav Bhardwaj
Cofounder/CEO @Stealthy, a decentralized & encrypted P2P chat app focused on privacy.

Justin Hunter

Justin Hunter
Writer. Founder of @graphitedocs.

Sina Habibian

Sina Habibian
Ethereum Foundation + other early experiments using Ethereum

Robert Bent

Robert Bent
@ethereum Advisor, @truebitprotocol first hire @ethprize @ETHSecurity

Jaynti Kanani

Jaynti Kanani
Bringing massive scale to Ethereum as Co-founder & CEO @maticnetwork

Doris Schioberg

Doris Schioberg
VP of Engineering @Cruzeo_io, Founder @Mooqita, Lecturer @UCB

Kartik Mandaville

Kartik Mandaville
Founder @ SpringRole, Ex CTO @ Science, Advising Science, Burst