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Amplify your tech talent.

We recruit and train global engineering talent on your tech stack, to help you scale your engineering efforts at the push of a button.



  • 60 hours/month
  • Part-time Developer
  • Timezone matching: 2hrs/day
  • Extra hours: $25/hr
  • Tech-Stack Training: Included
  • Communication Training: Included



  • 160 hours/month
  • Full-time Developer
  • Timezone matching: 5hrs/day
  • Extra hours: $25/hr
  • Tech-Stack Training: Included
  • Communication Training: Included



  • 320 hours/month
  • Two Developers
  • Timezone matching: All day
  • Extra hours: $25/hr
  • Tech-Stack Training: Included
  • Communication Training: Included

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We handle payroll, time tracking and upskilling for no cost.
Optional: Hire your developer in-house for a one-time $15k fee.

How it works

Bridge's talent-as-a-service model offers a turn-key solution to team building and talent augmentation.

Fill out our form

Send us your hiring requirements and we'll hop on a short call to discuss how we can help (10 minutes)

Candidates sourcing & vetting

We'll source candidates from our talent network or recruit new candidates based on your specific requirements (2 weeks)

Bring on your developer

We'll pair you with the right talent for your culture. No contracts, no legislation to worry about & no visas (2 weeks).

Our custom tailored bootcamp

We'll mentor and train your chosen developer in your chosen technology stack to make sure they are ready to contribute on day one (2 weeks).

Welcome your new team member

Since our graduates are already vetted & trained on your tech-stack they are ready to start working for your team on day one.

Seamless Onboarding

We'll be there to help support you if any issues arrise or for some reason things don't work out.

Why use Bridge?

100% Screened & Vetted talent.

We screen thousands of applicants to join Bridge and accept less than 5% into our program. Accepted candidates receive hands-on guidance from our mentors who work w/ them so we can verify not just their technical skills but also soft-skills & integrity.

Save time, Save money.

Say goodbye to the time stuck of recruiting, screening, code interviews, test projects and training & onboarding your new developers. Our talent must possess good communicational skills, structured thinking, and a readiness to learn.

Engineers. Not bootcamp grads.

The best talent wants to work at the best companies. Developers join Bridge because they want to work in global tech teams solving hard problems. They look at engineering as their art form and have a passion for continuously improving their craft.

We make remote, work.

We know that on-boarding a new remote team member can be tricky, which is why Bridge developers are trained on how to be effective as remote employees. They are taught how to on-board themselves onto teams and will even shift their schedules to timezone match.

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Criteria BridgeTalent MarketplaceFull-time Employee
Days to hire 1-3 weeks 2 weeks - 2 months>3 months
Time you spend interviewing 1hr *2 - 20 hours65 hours
Time you spend onboarding 0 hours>2 weeks>2 weeks
Hidden hiring costs $0$0$23,000
Hidden hiring costs 0 **2-10%20%

*Technical assessment call with a Bridge architect

**In the case a developer is not a good fit for your team, we will replace them immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bridge a Coding Bootcamp?

No. Our program is built for software engineers who are looking to gain new skills. They run the gammut from junior to senior developers.

How do the hiring logistics work?

We'll take care of all the tax, legal and logistical complexities for you. We have standard contract templates and offer cross currency payroll.

How much does it cost?

Since we don't charge a recruiting fee for companies, the costs to you are always fixed.

How do you make money?

We make money when are developers get hired, they start to pay back their tuition according to our deffered placement fee schedule.

Featured Hiring Partners

Our hiring partners range from early-stage to later-stage startups.


Dharma is a generic, permissionless protocol for issuing, underwriting, and administering debt instruments.


Blockstack is a new digital ecosystem that users, not big Internet companies, control and users can move seamlessly.


The Hydrogen Atom platform has powerful modules built for fintech powered by light, modular, global REST APIs.


Zeppelin builds key infrastructure to develop and operate smart contract systems and conducts security audits.


The world’s largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles. Buy, sell, and discover new assets.


Terminal.co is a blockchain focused startup currently in stealth-mode.

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